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cross_stitch's Journal

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Where haberdashery and geekdom combine
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This is a community to share your cross stitch works with other interested people. We're also here to help with any embroidery questions you have!

The moderators for this community are bekscilla (previously bekki_n), and emohdee - please be aware that you can contact any of us by emailing bekki_n at livejournal dot com and mary dot vantyne at gmail dot com.

Although this community is dedicated to cross-stitch, please don't feel that you have to stick to cross stitch! Other types of embroidery or similar crafts are welcomed.

Please however, go to the LJ FAQ for all Livejournal questions.


There are only a few rules here: Cut Tag any pictures, don't advertise things and don't share copyrighted material.

All pictures must be cut tagged. Pictures of your work are welcomed and encouraged, however we do ask that you use lj cut tags (go to the FAQ and livejournal specific tags section for help).

Don't advertise things includes advertising your auctions. If you want to advertise a community, use LJ's official page at community_promo. If you'd like to organise a swap, please feel free and if you're giving stuff away, please only request payment for postage. Failure to follow these rules will result in your post being removed.

Don't share copyright material: Most, though not all, kits, charts and patterns have a statement reading something like "permission granted to copy/photocopy for personal use." "Personal use" means so you can write on it, mark it up, use highlighter, whatever – usually so you don't damage the original – but it does not mean you can give away or sell photocopies, scans, electronic files or other copies of the product for someone else's "personal use".

It's fine to post an image of the product (behind an lj-cut), or a link on where to find it, but please do not post that you will share a chart or pattern, nor links to "sharing sites". The moderators will remove such posts or comments, and those who post them will receive a warning the first time. Repeated offense will result in banning from cross_stitch.

NOTE: Please be kind to your fellow members who may be under eighteen or who may read the community at work and restrict your icons to a "G" rating. If you have any question about where your icon might fall, please feel free to contact a moderator.

If you have any questions about the community, feel free to email me, and put cross-stitch community as the subject.

If you'd like to see any of the tags used by the community, and what has been posted under them, click here


The lovely pw_pw has offered to make charts from any image that you have. See this post for more information

A tip from buffalogal: Got a dimensions kit, and run out of a colour? Go to dimensions-crafts and request the colour you need. Or, if you want to convert your dimensions colours to DMC, innocentxv suggests this site

From midnightsangelc: How to make a pillow for a different way of finishing your work

Thanks to l8ntmthrnr: Some tips on using metallic thread, or blending filament

From hanael: Framing tips

From tersa: Tips on travelling with your sewing, in the US (check the comments for links to British rules) - also try Transporting Knitting Needles & Needlepoint (in the USA) located here

Thanks to l8ntmthrnr: A fantastic site for all kinds of x-stitch tips is here (Thanks galyndean for the updated again link)

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