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Waste canvas; other view

I decided to cross post this to this community too, as I think it may be helpful for extremely allergic stitchers like I am and to those who don't have waste canvas at home, but who own pieces of linen and get some great idea which they have to actualize right away...

I can't use waste canvas because of it's starch (I'm allergic to most of it's sources), and therefore tried even weaved linen one day. It worked and since I've used waste linen.

It works fine, in fact I think I may be even better solution than waste canvas, as waste canvas is stiff and linen isn't. Therefore I thought that I could write short tutorial for using waste linen:


  • Cut linen piece which is about 5 cms (2 inches) wider and taller than your desired design.
  • Stitch horizontal and vertical gridding lines in the exact center of your linen and to the actual fabric.
  • Be careful with placing waste fabric, and double-check is it in it's right place - gridding lines are there to help you.
  • Baste linen well on it's place.
  • Remove gridding stitches from actual fabric (In case you forget them, it may be very difficult or even impossible to get them of when you're finished)


  • Make sure you do not split any threads of your waste fabric.
  • Pull your stitches bit tighter than you're used to do normally - otherwise your stitches may end up loose after you've removed linen.
  • Finish cross stitching and backstitches.


  • Get yourself pair of good tweezers.
  • Do not hurry when removing the strands.
  • Linen is more durable when it's moist so in case you have problems when removing it dampen it a bit. (In regular waste canvas you dampen it to make it slippery, with linen you may have to dampen it to make it more durable)
  • Do not use excess force if it seems that some strand of linen is not getting off. Leave it be and continue with some other area. Some strands just need to be left last.

In case there's something unclear, do comment on this post or email me. (You're free to link into this post, but not copy this as I like to take all the honour. )

Btw, in case you're interested how well it works:

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