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Cross stitch dump!

So... trying very hard not to stitch today so as not to (further) irritate some inflammation in my shoulder. I spent the morning at the framers getting a few pieces "turned in," and most of the afternoon so far designing a new (easy) piece for a coworker's going away present.

As I am almost out of distractions and fear having to resort to doing something as disturbing as actually cleaning house, I decided it was time for a livejoural cross stitch dump.

That should take up at least a few more minutes...

Project from my recent cross stitch cruise.

stitchers escape 2018 sampler
Sampler from the recent cross stitch cruise.

A quickie I charted out just for laughs. (Scan at your own risk).

Sampler from the 2016 cruise. The designer was kind enough to gift it to me after I mentioned that my only regret from that cruise was not taking her course when I had the chance. How's that for kind!

FFOed christmas ornaments. Actually finished these with a whole day to spare this year!

Post-christmas christmas ornament (aka the last thing I stitched in 2018).

First stitch of 2019!

bird 1
The first bird of 4 I plan to stitch and frame together. In addition to working on dark fabric, it is also a Mill Hill kit (aka, no pre-sorted threads and a billion different beads all in the same bag needing to be separated) so... I'll have to space these out a bit to keep from going crazy.

Most recent finish, for a soon to be ex coworker (not the same one I charted something for today).

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