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Finishes and Yes! There’s an app for that! 
19th-Oct-2017 11:10 am
I have recently revolutionized my cross stitching! Several months ago I had been telling my brother that I wished there was “electronic” paper, a way I could scroll around my patterns rather than working with all those printed pages. I didn’t think anything existed for a tablet that would do what I wanted. I recently acquired a iPad and that got me searching for what was available for cross stitching.

I found a app Crossty which can not only read my Pattern Maker for Cross Stitch files, it allows you to mark off the stitches as you do them, you can highlight the stitches by colour so you won’t miss anything and tracks the time on which you work on it. It is exactly what I always wanted but didn’t think I’d ever find!!

I’ve finished three patterns since I last posted.


Ellie photo 355B34CC-E0AA-4A8C-9C3F-85C19F3F9F6E_zpsrrajqysr.jpg


 photo D9742C45-3D9B-4820-9334-EF57D8F88A31_zpsmiwxv5s4.jpg


 photo FC2DE263-69F5-4E64-8780-40959AC97BE0_zpsmxeich6c.jpg

I finished Dollie using Crossty, my current pattern is the first I’ve worked entirely without a paper pattern


 photo CCCF79B1-5ACE-4643-A9A2-B1E3471051DA_zpse1lifyxg.jpg
19th-Oct-2017 10:25 pm (UTC)
you always do the most amazing work! glad to see you going whole-hog, as 'twere. :)

19th-Oct-2017 10:41 pm (UTC)
Thank you! ^_^ when I get into something I can easily go kinda crazy :P
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