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Where haberdashery and geekdom combine
Admin questions 
22nd-Jan-2017 09:40 am
harmony, xinef
1. There used to be a "home page" for this group, with posting instructions. I don't see that any more. Is there some way to post a "pinned" post that always shows at the top of the group feed if the home page isn't available in LJ any more?

2. Who is/are the moderator(s) of this group? I don't see any way to find that out nor to be able to send them messages. Contact me if you'd like me to help with admin, if it is possible to have multiple admins for a group.

3. Is this group set to open posts or Approved members only? I suggest changing to the latter to cut down on recent spam.
22nd-Jan-2017 06:45 pm (UTC)
No idea why I see the profile page so differently. I did figure out about the pinned post, as mentioned below. I'll wait a day or so to see if any of the moderators step in, if not, will email them.
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