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Free Patterns

Many thanks to the mods for letting me post this, and for creating a link to it.

This post is a note to anyone who is interested that I'm willing to turn your photos into patterns free of charge whenever you want. [there's no time limit or deadline, this is an open offer] - Please send requests! ^_~

Email your pictures to pictures2patterns(at)gmail(dot)com. Please include the following information, if possible

1 - How large would you like the pattern to be?

2 - How many colors? Or a limit to the number of colors you're willing to work with [ie. 50 colors is fine, but 80-100 and I run screaming]

3 - Is DMC thread fine? [DMC is the programs default but there are other options]

4 - What fabric will you be stitching on [really all I need is the stitch count] and please include if you'll be stitching over-1 or over-2.

The pattern will be emailed to you in the form of a PDF, including a list of extra skeins required for the pattern.

Note: Pattern Maker converts pictures to full stitches only.

Above All: Please don't hesitate to ask me to make changes, at most it usually takes me 5 minutes to put together a pattern and it isn't a problem at all for me to remake a pattern.
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