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Christmas gifts

Well, I managed to finish three of the four gifts I was planning for Christmas (the fourth is more of a birth sampler, so as long as I get it done by the baby's first birthday in June, I'm calling it good :) ). I framed them as well, though I'm not as happy with the frame jobs as I could be. Either way, they're better than good, they're done. :)

My mom's Christmas gift - really, if it's patriotic, involves cats, or involves Coca-Cola, she'll like it. I really should have added a little Coke bottle next to the kitty on this one, to make it the trifecta. :)

Close up

For my father-in-law, an architect who also cross stitches (and quilts, and carves wood, makes jewelery, makes chess sets, etches father-in-law is impressive). This is a pattern based on a Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass window. I'm also giving him another FLW pattern that I've kitted up, so he can do one, too.

Close up on the top

Close up on the bottom

And finally, my mother-in-law's gift, the big quilt pattern that I hated and was having trouble finishing. I finished, yay! There's actually supposed to be another border on this one, but 1) it fit in the frame better without the second border, and 2) I didn't really have the time for another border. :)

Close up on a "Rose of Sharon" block

Close up on my favorite block (the name of which I can't remember)

My mother's already received hers, and she loved it. My in-laws will be receiving theirs tomorrow when we finally meet up for the gift-giving. :)
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