June 26th, 2010


Stash Reduction

Mods, if this is inappropriate, please let me know and I will remove it.

I have decided it's time to reduce the number of pattern books in my closet. I am offering them for trade; preferred trade items would be fabric or nice flosses, but I might be willing to trade for patterns as well. You can see them all here. I included the retail price I paid for them new, to help determine used value. If you are interested in any of them, please send me a private message.


other brands of thread...

I have always used DMC, though I have bought some silks to try (just haven't started using them yet) I recently got a package from a well meaning relative who knows I x-stitch.

Inside is heaps and heaps of floss... but brands I have never heard of before!

Can anyone comment on the following...
*Bucilla - says it's super mercerized, six-strand, sunfast-boilproof, made in U.S.

*Peri-Lusta - says it's mercerised cotton, six-strand, made in England

*Star six strand - says fast color- will boil, American Thread Co, Fall River, Mass.

I'm thinking these are quite ancient...? and possibly the kind of threads that knot all the time! Any ideas? I have 2 ziplock baggies full of pinks, one of purples, one of yellows and one of maroons... enough that I'd feel guilty if I just tossed them in the bin!
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Is there an app for that?

Anyone know if there's an iPhone/iTouch app for DMC floss? Or, another way to have an inventory?

I used to have a card (key word "used") that had the numbers, but I've lost it... and since I have to go through and update a paper checklist that I found on DMC's website anyway, I figured that I'd see if there was an app. I couldn't find one, but didn't know if anyone knew of anything that would work?