December 26th, 2008

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Christmas gifts

Well, I managed to finish three of the four gifts I was planning for Christmas (the fourth is more of a birth sampler, so as long as I get it done by the baby's first birthday in June, I'm calling it good :) ). I framed them as well, though I'm not as happy with the frame jobs as I could be. Either way, they're better than good, they're done. :)

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My mother's already received hers, and she loved it. My in-laws will be receiving theirs tomorrow when we finally meet up for the gift-giving. :)
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The Irony that is My Life

I thought you all might be amused by this one.

So I have 3 small kids. An almost 6 year old son, and 3 year old twin daughters. I don't have much time to stitch, I'm busy chasing them and taking care of the house.

So I'm just over half way though my current pregnancy (a boy BTW), I'm finding that I need to rest more, so my stitching time is increasing because as we all know...what's a better way to relax than stitching?

Now my carpal tunnel has flared. I'll need to cut back on my stitching.

The Universe is laughing at me.
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hello~ i'm a newbie to the group. i linked in off my star wars crafts group. i've been lurking a few days just to see what's up, and i must say, i'm pretty humbled by the talent 8-)

a little about me- my name is lissy, i live in washington state, out on the coast. yes it rains alot here. i've been cross-stitching since i was 7, when my grandma ruth taught me. i'll be the big 4-0 next year. i have a hubby (who has a gaming habit, so he fully supports my stitching habit) and 4 feline children.

i mainly do gifties, rarely keeping anything unless it really strikes my fancy. mostly baby and wedding stitchies. i use hoop, scroll frame, and freehand. DMC is my floss of choice and britian's # 1 cross-stitcher is the magazine i can't go without. i dabble in designing.

anyway, as soon as i get my camera downloaded onto the desktop, i'll post my latest piccies. i will say, since sharing the "stashes received" has been a common theme... the hubby ordered me a brand new swing stand for my christmas prezzie and i can't wait to break it in! 8-)


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