December 25th, 2008

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Holy cow! The Stash-Fairy was working Overtime! I got the following today for Christmas:

The patterns I got were (from left to right):
* Cirque des Triangles (with the green GAST flosses I selected)
* Cross for Anne
* Peregrination (with the Carrie's Creation threadpack for the project)
* Sampler Cove's Rhapsody in Red part four (pattern, etc. for a chatelaine) with the silk and Krenik flosses and a project envelope
* Forest Goddess
In the picture below you can also see the tool case (with my scissors in them already), the needle minder on the left of the case, and the canvas pegs to the right.

Collapse )
As an early present to myself, I've also gotten Cirque des Carreaux, Vicky Clayton's Dragon Fire floss, and 36 ct. black linen; and I also got a Dinky Dyes floss/pattern kit of a small purple butterfly garden.

I think I'm going to go collapse in some sort of stichy-diabetic coma now.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas, Channukah or whatever makes you happy!
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Lesson relearned

I got to relearn a painful lesson today.  Not everyone appreciates cross-stitch gifts.

I picked a pattern that played into my grandfather's love of fishing, the "Why Men Fish" chart by Sue Hillis.  Worked on it for 3 weeks, got it professionally framed and it looks pretty good if do say so myself.  The frame color complimented the fabric nicely.  I wrapped it and waited for him to open it today.

He did, and pushed it under the table to open his next gift.  Didn't say 'thank you', didn't comment on it.  I was flabbergasted.  Once all the gifts were opened and trash cleaned up, I pulled it out and had him show it to my dad (his son).  Dad commented on how nice it was, and grandfather just pushed it under the table again without saying anything.  Lather, rinse, repeat with two other relatives.  Then I gave up.

Never again. Next time I'll get him a bottle of liquor and call it even. 5 minutes shopping and DONE.  No stress, no fuss.  It's not worth it.

The tiny silver lining is that my dad and stepmom did seem to like it, and appreciate the work that went into it.  So there is a good chance they'll be the one to get a stitched gift next year.  Maybe a bottle of wine or a map of Napa Valley, which plays in to /their/ interests.  Anyone know where I can find a pattern of a map like that?  :)
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