December 3rd, 2005

Cross Stitch Daisy

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Hey! Does anyone have a Greek alphabet pattern they could email me? Or does anyone have a link to a free one online? I'd really appreciate it!

katybean27 at yahoo dot com

a question...

My seven-year-old niece is genuinely interested in learning how to cross-stitch. *rubs hands together* I want to get her some supplies for herself because I don't want to keep having to cut off small pieces of my cloth for her to use. I favor 14-ct Aida cloth (because I'm just that lazy and very impatient to use anything else at the moment). What count Aida (or another fabric) should I get for her? Any suggestions on a small kit I can get her to start on? She's normally a very active kid, and has trouble concentrating on one thing at a time. She seems to be intrigued by creating something out of nothing and I think this will help her focus more.

We're going on a field trip to AC Moore tomorrow, so any advice would be helpful. Thank you!!
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