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Where haberdashery and geekdom combine
This is a community to share your cross stitch works with other interested people. We're also here to help with any embroidery questions you have!

The moderators for this community are bekscilla (previously bekki_n), cathouse_blues and emohdee - please be aware that you can contact any of us by emailing bekki_n and cathouse_blues at livejournal dot com and siran underscore drauka at yahoo dot com

Although this community is dedicated to cross-stitch, please don't feel that you have to stick to cross stitch! Other types of embroidery or similar crafts are welcomed.

Please however, go to the LJ FAQ for all Livejournal questions.


There are only a few rules here: Cut Tag any pictures, don't advertise things and don't share copyrighted material.

All pictures must be cut tagged. Pictures of your work are welcomed and encouraged, however we do ask that you use lj cut tags (go to the FAQ and livejournal specific tags section for help).

Don't advertise things includes advertising your auctions. If you want to advertise a community, use LJ's official page at community_promo. If you'd like to organise a swap, please feel free and if you're giving stuff away, please only request payment for postage. Failure to follow these rules will result in your post being removed.

Don't share copyright material: Most, though not all, kits, charts and patterns have a statement reading something like "permission granted to copy/photocopy for personal use." "Personal use" means so you can write on it, mark it up, use highlighter, whatever – usually so you don't damage the original – but it does not mean you can give away or sell photocopies, scans, electronic files or other copies of the product for someone else's "personal use".

It's fine to post an image of the product (behind an lj-cut), or a link on where to find it, but please do not post that you will share a chart or pattern, nor links to "sharing sites". The moderators will remove such posts or comments, and those who post them will receive a warning the first time. Repeated offense will result in banning from cross_stitch.

NOTE: Please be kind to your fellow members who may be under eighteen or who may read the community at work and restrict your icons to a "G" rating. If you have any question about where your icon might fall, please feel free to contact a moderator.

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The lovely pw_pw has offered to make charts from any image that you have. See this post for more information

A tip from buffalogal: Got a dimensions kit, and run out of a colour? Go to dimensions-crafts and request the colour you need. Or, if you want to convert your dimensions colours to DMC, innocentxv suggests this site

From midnightsangelc: How to make a pillow for a different way of finishing your work

Thanks to l8ntmthrnr: Some tips on using metallic thread, or blending filament

From hanael: Framing tips

From tersa: Tips on travelling with your sewing, in the US (check the comments for links to British rules) - also try Transporting Knitting Needles & Needlepoint (in the USA) located here

Thanks to l8ntmthrnr: A fantastic site for all kinds of x-stitch tips is here (Thanks galyndean for the updated again link)

Thanks to closetblonde: Unsure what your pattern will look like on different materials? Check here to see how it'll look!
26th-Jan-2019 02:41 pm - Cross stitch dump!
movie kendai
So... trying very hard not to stitch today so as not to (further) irritate some inflammation in my shoulder. I spent the morning at the framers getting a few pieces "turned in," and most of the afternoon so far designing a new (easy) piece for a coworker's going away present.

As I am almost out of distractions and fear having to resort to doing something as disturbing as actually cleaning house, I decided it was time for a livejoural cross stitch dump.

That should take up at least a few more minutes...

Click at your own risk!Collapse )
22nd-Jan-2019 04:57 pm - Funny bargains with my hubby...
dragon cross stitch
Not too long ago my husband & I struck a deal. I will get to purchase a cross stitch pattern/kit for every fountain pen he buys, even if the pen is for me. LOL! AND...for every two projects I finish, I get to buy a new one. For the record! This was NOT HIS IDEA. This was mine. I needed a way to manage and/or curtail my stash building. (I'm hoping to forestall those people who might object to my hubby limiting my purchases! We are a team!)

Today I had to have another cortisone shot in my knee and I joked with the doctor that I should get a sticker and a lollipop if I was brave. He said no lollipop (and truthfully I do need to lose weight so that's cool) but two stickers. The doc forgot. (In his defense, 46-year-old women don't usually request stickers if they're brave when they get a shot with a VERY LARGE NEEDLE.) ROFL!!! So on the way home I had the BRILLIANT idea to get a cross stitch project instead and hubby said of course!

I love the days when not only do I get to peruse stuff on 123stitch.com...I get to order. Wheeeeeee!
16th-Jan-2019 12:34 pm - Ever so slowly...
dragon cross stitch
...I'm making progress on the woodland faerie...

Progress pic...Collapse )
21st-Aug-2018 11:35 pm - Hobby or madness?
movie kendai
I have been stitching like a madwoman. Or at the very least, like a woman who needs more hobbies. *grins*

Stitchy stuffCollapse )

28th-May-2018 09:28 pm - Yay, four day weekends!
movie kendai
Thanks to the holiday weekend, I've managed to squeak out a new finish! Yay!

Clicky!Collapse )
15th-Feb-2018 09:57 am - Quick update
movie kendai
I've actually been doing quite a bit of stitching. So much, in fact, that I haven't stopped to post anything. Hahaha! But here's a quick up date:

First, my Christmas ornaments...Collapse )

First finish of the year...Collapse )

Second finish, Mill Hill Button and Beads kit...Collapse )

Newest finish... it's a monochromatic kind of year so far...Collapse )

Now I intend on starting a Mirabilla so... no updates for a while. :)
irises make me smile
I found this booklet of crocheted lace suncatcher patterns in a stash of stuff recently. I've never done anything with it and I'll never do anything with it. Would someone here like to have it? I will mail it to you! I don't want any $$ for it and as long as you're in the US I'll pay the postage. :)

Crocheted Lace SuncatchersCollapse )
22nd-Jan-2018 09:23 am - Cross-stitch magazine covers
irises make me smile
We saw these on display at a coffee shop this weekend. INSANELY cool!!

Read more...Collapse )

There were more but my photo uploader keeps crashing on me...
16th-Jan-2018 07:29 am - Stitching retreats?
dragon cross stitch
OK...so this is what happens when I finally, finally start cleaning out boxes of random stuff that gets thrown together when I don't want to deal with it. LOL! I found a signup sheet for a stitching store in Branson, Missouri, for retreats in 2015 and 2016. I'm not really up for going back to that particular area soon, but that made me wonder about other stitching retreats. Anyone here been on one? Want to go on one? Know of any? Cheers!
15th-Jan-2018 09:03 pm - Flosstube on Youtube
Does anyone else enjoy watching Flosstube on Youtube? I love seeing all the projects others are doing and it's inspiring me to start stitching again after a very long break.

If you watch, what are some of your favorite posters?
2nd-Jan-2018 04:44 pm - Surprise towels!
dragon cross stitch
My mom is super sneaky & awesome. I've placed a couple of orders for her for hand towels from 123stitch.com and she used them to make these adorable monthly towels...for me!

My mom rocks!Collapse )
13th-Dec-2017 06:24 pm - Woodland Faerie progress
dragon cross stitch
I haven't worked on it for a while but this past weekend I did fill in a bit and added a little more of the backstitching. :) One of these years...

The lighting isn't great but it's progress!

Read more...Collapse )
26th-Nov-2017 09:54 pm - Plum Pudding
movie kendai
So... I finished the actual cross stitching almost 2 weeks ago, but I finally just sat down yesterday and today to do the bead work. Normally I'm not so anti-bead, but I just wasn't feeling it.

But hey, at least it is all done now!
Read more...Collapse )

And just in time to start some christmas ornaments. *grins*
26th-Nov-2017 07:21 pm - What to do???
dragon cross stitch
I recently finished a large-ish project (the flamingo) and it's off to the framer. I was sorting and organizing and I found that with that q-snap frame empty and three empty scroll frames, I now have FOUR EMPTY FRAMES of varying sizes. I could have FOUR more WIPs going. Oh the decisions...like I need more projects! LOL! (Or more books...I have eight books that I'm semi-actively reading at the moment...and an afghan I'm crocheting...and a zillion miles of yarn to work with...AND a friend coming over to give me knitting lessons. Where are my knitting needles...hmmm...)
26th-Nov-2017 07:17 pm - Black & white photo fun
dragon cross stitch
So there's been this black & white photo challenge thing floating around on Facebook and I love B&W photography so much I kept going after the original 7 days finished up. (I'm now at 31 days of posting a B&W pic every day.) I had to do one of my stitching!!

Black and white photography makes things differently interesting...Collapse )
26th-Nov-2017 07:11 pm - Baby bibs finished!
dragon cross stitch
So pleased that I only missed my friend's son's birth by less than two months. LOL! Oh well, he's not old enough to need these yet anyway. :)

Clicky for picsCollapse )
9th-Nov-2017 08:56 am - Bessie is done!
This was my first pattern done entirely from my iPad, and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I flew through this pattern, so much less time spent staring at the pages of the pattern trying to decide which colour to work with and how best to tackle it. I was terrible for trying to figure out the most efficient way to do thing, loosing efficiency in doing so :P

With the app, I could just scroll along following whatever colour I was working with. Because of that the whole pattern formed up as one reall rather than in sections, it was really interesting to see.

Started: October 12/17
Finished: November 8/17
Materials: 50 DMC colours, stitched on 25ct Evenweave using one thread.

And here’s what I know thanks to the program.

Work Time: 1 week, 4 days, 13 hrs, 55 sec.
Stitches: 22,484

Read more...Collapse )

Thanks for looking ^_^
I have recently revolutionized my cross stitching! Several months ago I had been telling my brother that I wished there was “electronic” paper, a way I could scroll around my patterns rather than working with all those printed pages. I didn’t think anything existed for a tablet that would do what I wanted. I recently acquired a iPad and that got me searching for what was available for cross stitching.

I found a app Crossty which can not only read my Pattern Maker for Cross Stitch files, it allows you to mark off the stitches as you do them, you can highlight the stitches by colour so you won’t miss anything and tracks the time on which you work on it. It is exactly what I always wanted but didn’t think I’d ever find!!

I’ve finished three patterns since I last posted.


“Ellie”Collapse )


“Paulie”Collapse )


“Dollie”Collapse )

I finished Dollie using Crossty, my current pattern is the first I’ve worked entirely without a paper pattern


“Bessie”Collapse )
3rd-Oct-2017 01:38 pm - The WIP that will never end...
dragon cross stitch
...although I do seem to be making progress. :)

TW Woodland FaerieCollapse )

Also golly but it's been way too long since I posted something as I forgot AGAIN the HTML for the cut tag text and had to use the shortcut button! LOL! In the past I did so many cut tags it was second nature! Clearly I need to spend more time in LJ... :)
27th-Sep-2017 01:43 pm - Finished Project
Borduur - Medieval Maiden

I have finished Joan Elliot's Medieval Maiden.

I started on her in June 2013, but I can't work on one project at the time so it took me a while, but now she is finished and has turned out really lovely.

pics hereCollapse )
11th-Aug-2017 08:46 am - Indian Summer
movie kendai
I'm a little bit ashamed (okay, very ashamed) at how long it took me to finish this piece. It wasn't particularly complicated, nor was it terribly large. Still... I found myself avoiding working on it for weeks at a time.

I could be that I was stitching one over one on 32 count fabric.

It might have a lot to do with the fact that we were short at work and I was working 60+ hour weeks.

Still, I've done both those things in the past (though maybe not at the same time) and it has never affected my will to stitch like it did this time. So who knows?

Regardless, I was genuinely happy to put the final stitch in this one. Hopefully my next choice won't feel like such an imposition. *shrugs*

Indian SummerCollapse )
25th-Jul-2017 03:00 pm - Cross-Stitch Update for July
13th Doctor
This morning I finished page 4 of my Ranger cross-stitch!  That is one full page length all the way across the width of the pattern.  It is also 1/4 of the way done.  Statistics so far: Started on 1/1/16 and stitched till 3/4/16, then took a break to stitch on the Star Wars wedding gift. Resumed this one on 1/16/17.  I've done a little over 23,700 stitches so far, which leaves about 53,400 to go.  Enough of that!  I know you want to see a picture, so here goes:

See here!Collapse )
I started a project back in 2015 and while it took almost two years to do i can justifed that by saying it was because I put the project aside for a year to do other things.

A week ago I finally finished my CrossStitch Kit "Yoruban Beauties" It is done on 14 count clear plastic canvas.

This is the project halfway done
Read more...Collapse )
This is the Completed project.
Completed PieceCollapse )
23rd-Jun-2017 09:23 am - Finished and ready to frame!
dragon cross stitch
I can't remember how long I've been working on this one; it's a gift for one of my sisters-in-law. :) It's done and ready to frame!

Flamingos!Collapse )
23rd-Jun-2017 09:20 am - TW Faerie progress pic
dragon cross stitch
:) I did some more backstitching recently because I don't want to do ALL of it last...

Click for picCollapse )
19th-Jun-2017 10:17 am - Coming back from a long break
Blaze face
I've been away from both LJ and stitching for a long time, but I rediscovered both at the same time, it seems. So happy to see this community still active.

I've had a project that I just wasn't able to do for several years - a custom chart of my cat Blaze. Every time I tried, I'd get weepy. I've finally got past that, so time to stitch.

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone is working on, and having some accountability to keep me on track.
6th-Jun-2017 08:38 pm - A Moo-Ving Cross Stitch Finish
cross stitch: sleeping beauty
(People on my f-list are seeing this twice)

This design is called "Bessie" and is by Little House Needleworks. The colour choices are my own: I struggle to visulise a cow done in hand dyed threads without developing a strange striped effect. The red is considerably less bright in the real world. It was stitched in 28ct Jobelan Evenweave, which I've used before with bigger projects, and the fabric is incredibly floppy but happily is pretty much uncreasable.

For some reason I thought this was going to be a nice, small project for my Knit and Natter Group (a more genteel Stitch and Bitch with a substantially more mature make-up) and, well, a 5in square with most of the fabric stitched, it wasn't.

moo!Collapse )
5th-Jun-2017 12:14 pm - A finish and another new project
I may not use my computer as much as I used too, and therefore I'm absent from the community for the most part. But I will still happily convert photos into patterns for anyone who wants it done.

Since my last post I've finished a piece and started on another.

Started: November 4/16
Finished: April 20/17
Fabric: 25ct Evenweave
Colours: 50

MulderCollapse )

Started: January 23/17
Hiatus: Feb 15-April 20/17
Fabric: 25ct Evenweave
Colours: 50

New projectCollapse )

Thanks for looking!
31st-May-2017 11:20 am - May stitching update
stitched Tempest
May was a good month for working on my Ranger. I completed over 4000 stitches, which is a record for me, and also completed page 2 (as of 6am this morning)! I'm excited about that and am looking forward to getting going on page 3, which is where Strider will finally appear. Since page 4 is only about 5 rows wide, my plan is to carry right through that when I reach the width of page 3. I work 20 rows down all the way across a page and then go back and do the next 20, mainly because I'm impatient to see the whole width.

I've also started work on the first of a series of 4 banners for church. I've had the vision for a long time and thought I really ought to start making it become real. As with various other projects, my challenge is tearing myself away from cross-stitching long enough to work on anything else. When I do finish it, I'll post a photo.

Meanwhile, here is where I've reached in Ranger:

Pic hereCollapse )
23rd-May-2017 11:24 am - WIP: TW's Woodland Faerie
dragon cross stitch
It's been a while so here's a progress pic of the faerie I'm doing for my mom. :)

Click for pic...Collapse )
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