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Cross stitch dump!

So... trying very hard not to stitch today so as not to (further) irritate some inflammation in my shoulder. I spent the morning at the framers getting a few pieces "turned in," and most of the afternoon so far designing a new (easy) piece for a coworker's going away present.

As I am almost out of distractions and fear having to resort to doing something as disturbing as actually cleaning house, I decided it was time for a livejoural cross stitch dump.

That should take up at least a few more minutes...

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Funny bargains with my hubby...

Not too long ago my husband & I struck a deal. I will get to purchase a cross stitch pattern/kit for every fountain pen he buys, even if the pen is for me. LOL! AND...for every two projects I finish, I get to buy a new one. For the record! This was NOT HIS IDEA. This was mine. I needed a way to manage and/or curtail my stash building. (I'm hoping to forestall those people who might object to my hubby limiting my purchases! We are a team!)

Today I had to have another cortisone shot in my knee and I joked with the doctor that I should get a sticker and a lollipop if I was brave. He said no lollipop (and truthfully I do need to lose weight so that's cool) but two stickers. The doc forgot. (In his defense, 46-year-old women don't usually request stickers if they're brave when they get a shot with a VERY LARGE NEEDLE.) ROFL!!! So on the way home I had the BRILLIANT idea to get a cross stitch project instead and hubby said of course!

I love the days when not only do I get to peruse stuff on get to order. Wheeeeeee!
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Stitching retreats? this is what happens when I finally, finally start cleaning out boxes of random stuff that gets thrown together when I don't want to deal with it. LOL! I found a signup sheet for a stitching store in Branson, Missouri, for retreats in 2015 and 2016. I'm not really up for going back to that particular area soon, but that made me wonder about other stitching retreats. Anyone here been on one? Want to go on one? Know of any? Cheers!
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Flosstube on Youtube

Does anyone else enjoy watching Flosstube on Youtube? I love seeing all the projects others are doing and it's inspiring me to start stitching again after a very long break.

If you watch, what are some of your favorite posters?
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