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A treasure trove! 
25th-Dec-2016 11:12 am
Merry Christmas, fellow stitchers, if you celebrate. Happy holidays, if you do not. :D

This wasn't actually a Christmas present as such, more a something handed over to me at a time which just happened to be Christmas Eve. (In Denmark, we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve)

It's inherited goods, actually.

She died some 20 years ago or so, but she was an avid cross-stitcher before she got too old to see what she was doing. Her floss was passed down to my grandmother at this point, who hung on to it for many years because most of it is good quality floss. Either wanting to do something with it, or forgetting that it was there. Since I took up cross-stitch a couple of years ago now, she finally reached the conclusion that she was never going to be using it herself and perhaps I could use it.

Most of it is DMC, but a lot of it is unfortunately no longer numbered. All the label-less stuff in the left most compartment. Middle compartment, DMC that has lost its number, right compartment a bit of other brands and, interestingly, some silver blending filament. On the lid all the DMC that still has numbers on it. I found a needle down there as well.

I'll be winding the numbered stuff up on bobbins, and then I'll have to come to some sort of decision about what to use the rogue stuff for. I'm thinking maybe smaller things, decorations, patterns, that sort of thing, where it doesn't really matter if it's not precisely the right colour. Things where you can free-style it a bit.

I'm very surprised to find the blending filament in there. Two sizes. I never knew she worked with that sort of thing at all!

Some of this stuff could easily be 50 years old. I'm rather looking forward to stitching my ancestor into my own work in the future. It feels very appropriate to me.
27th-Dec-2016 03:49 am (UTC)
I agree. I'm glad someone saw it as a treasure worth keeping and passed it down to you.
28th-Dec-2016 10:04 am (UTC)
The really amazing thing is, my grandparents have moved house twice since my great-grandmother died, and the last one of those, they were moving into something considerably smaller and more elderly-friendly, so she could just as easily have decided not to keep it.
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