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Kindle Case Finish!

Just finished a fabulous case for my Kindle!  I had bought one from Amazon but decided I wasn't too enthralled by it and just wanted something to carry it in since I loved the feel of the bare Kindle.  So I looked to my massive basket o' yarn and plastic canvas books to create this:

Ain't it neat?  It came from a book of plastic canvas paperback book covers by Dianne Davis and Kathy Wirth.  This one is called "Gothic Intrigue" and I just loved the colors and the look of it.  I added a few rows to the edges because Kindle is slightly larger than a paperback.  Here's the back:

And the whole thing fits like a glove!  I'm quite proud of this; my Kindle has the best one-of-a-kind case out there!

So that's a case for my mp3 player and a case for Kindle.  Next up: my Nintendo DS!

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