Jen (jnynz) wrote in cross_stitch,

Floss Storage

I'm currently re-organizing my stash and have been thinking on how to organize my floss in a more user-friendly way. I have most of my floss in about 7 floss storage containers on cardboard bobbins, but it's all mucked up and not in any particular order after pulling out various colors for different projects. I have got floss everywhere and I am completely overwhelmed by it at this point.

So after nosying around the internet at different systems people use, the majority seem to favor the cardboard (or plastic) bobbin/storage container system but I'm just wondering about other ways.

I thought about using little baggies for each colour (e.g the floss-a-way bags) but I'm not sure how I would store them - space for all my craft stuff is at a premium as it is.  And the acidity and non-breathable bags worries me a bit.  There was an idea for using little card pockets but I'm not sure how that would be in the long run with acidity etc.

What appeals to me would be able to have the floss already cut into lengths, and then the remainder easily put back with the floss it came from, so that's why I'm thinking about little bags.  For this reason the stitchbow type organization doesn't appeal (although I'm not entirely sure how it works).

How do you store your floss?  If you use the bobbins system, do you organize by color number or color family?  Throw some ideas at me please! :D
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